Crew Change - and in need of corona testing?

Crew Change - and in need of corona testing?

To our ShipMed customers who need Corona testing in connection with crew changes or travelling in general. You can book a test appointment with Medi3, and depending on price level, you can have the result back the same day or within 48 hrs. Please note: We can only perform testing on people without Corona symptoms or signs of illness. Click here for booking and prices.

Submit this form, and Medi3 Covid team will contact you for an appointment.
(See below for booking and prices.)

(Vi tilbyr test fra klokken 09:30 og utover, avhengig av antall bestillinger. Det er derfor dessverre ikke mulig å ønske klokkeslett / We offer tests from 09:30 onwards, depending on the number of orders. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to book time)
Avbetilling før kl. 9:00 samme dag eller før, hvis ikke tilkommer et gebyr 500nok / Cancellation before kl. 9:00 the same day or before, if not a fee of 500nok must be paid.


PCR-test results the same day: NOK 1825,-
PCR-test with results the same day - group of 5 or more: NOK 1625,-


PCR-test 48 hours guarantee: NOK  1325,-
PCR-test 48 hours guarantee group of 5 or more: NOK 1125,-

PCR 48 hours guarantee + antigen rapid test: NOK 1800,-

Antigen rapid test: NOK 1125,-
Antigen rapid test for group of 5 or more: NOK 925,-

PCR-test results the same day + antigen rapid test: NOK 2490,-
PCR 48 hours guarantee + antigen rapid test: NOK 1990,-


For antigen rapid testing, the certificate is included in the price. Are you going to travel and need a fit for flight certificate as an attachment to PCR there will be NOK 200 extra.