Corona og råd fra Radio Medico / Corona advice from Radio Medico

Corona og råd fra Radio Medico / Corona advice from Radio Medico

Her har vi samlet standardinformasjon utarbeidet av Radio Medico Norway. Den omhandler det praktiske rundt mulig coronasmitte om bord, i tillegg til medisinsk behandling og oppfølging av de som eventuelt blir syke. Informasjonen finner du på norsk og engelsk.


Coronavirus – råd til skip og rederier (NO) >

Coronavirus - advice for ship and shipowners (EN) >

Coronavirus - homecare advice (EN) >


In addition to the general information above, this is what we know per 12.03.20:


1. Most people who get the virus, will have no or mild symptoms.


2. The people who fall seriously ill, are normally very old or have underlying conditions making them susceptible to severe disease.
    Examples of factors that increase the risk of severe disease, are high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, lung disease and diabetes.


3. Persons with mild disease normally need no treatment, or just symptomatic treatment. So:


4. Drink enough clear fluids (not alcohol).


5. If bothersome cough, cough suppressants available in most ships’ medicine chest can be used.


6. If pain or fever, paracetamol can be used in normal dosages (500-1000 mg every 6-8 hours).


7. Observe the general condition of ill people. Monitor their temperature, heart rate and respiratory frequency (number of breaths per minute).


8. If the person has problems breathing or feels very ill, contact telemedical advice services. Be alerted if the person has respiratory frequency above 20 at rest, or if the person has severely reduced general condition.


9. People with severe breathing problems cannot be treated on board, but need treatment in hospital.